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Retro tech soytuber you rage you lose thread. Starting off with this unholy specimen "cathoderaydude"





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Linux -ACK! Tips


the computer knowing chungus




E-Roasties have now resorted to larping as CRT collectors to trick the autist and retrosoy crowds into simping, I couldn't get through this video


File: 1691343399397.png (241.55 KB, 1080x652, photographing something yo….png)

horrific cringe


File: 1691343572593.png (38.86 KB, 914x349, 2023-08-06-133824_914x349_….png)

>so like, this is like, um, an RF modulator, and stuff


I'm a woman (not trans) and I don't do this


>on tower of power


>I'm a woman (not trans)
No you're not



This is cool


modern morans finally figured out a way to make sonic 1 even easier to beat



holy shit that's lukas ekberg. i knew him in 2016 when he was a harmless touhou sperg from sweden, sad to see he trooned out


heh, I guess he's lucas ACKberg now, huh?



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