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File: 1688967505733.png (8.45 KB, 679x359, elvis.png)


elvis is this vi clone that I like that hasn't been updated in years.
I once tried to port another vi clone, Stevie (for atari ST) that was actually the starting point for vim to Linux. But I gave up. Maybe I should try again.
(the source was distributed on bootstrapping shell scripts over BBS, funnily)


File: 1688969714284.png (114.53 KB, 800x670, 2023-07-10 01_12_46.png)

Cool Edit wasn't necessarily better than old Audacity, but it's COOL


File: 1688969808363.png (8.04 KB, 420x399, myau.png)

post Phantasy_Star_HipHop.mp3


This is linked on one of the ancient fanpages but 404s as I recall. To the artist's shame, I dug it up.


File: 1691519243760.png (260.8 KB, 1908x2005, Screenshot 2023-08-08 at 1….png)


Found a page for some Japanese BeOS software after I saw the window sitter in some old screenshots. Maybe someone should try this on Haiku?


File: 1691520327114.png (42.1 KB, 365x63, 2023-08-08-144230_365x63_s….png)

> Moe is a program to staying cuty mascot on active window. How about mind cooler for your desktop?
thats some good engrish


tmsu - https://tmsu.org/

Someday, I'll tag my images so I can find them easier while poasting.


This actually looks useful.

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