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Found anything interesting in the trash recently? Send it in here


I got a free pair of home theatre speakers and a yamaha rx367 A/V reciever that wont turn on courtesy of my neighbors, they were also giving away their LCD flatscreen TV but I didn't manage to get it in time, ohwell


just found a disc player and a CRT!!

that wont turn on (right now)


File: 1689006272243.jpg (1.77 MB, 4608x3456, IMG_20210320_162108.jpg)

Found a complete working Apple IIe in a shed.


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Found this small Magnavox color CRT that runs on 12 volts DC and a Compaq Armada M300. It's a shame it didn't come with a dock.


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Here's today's thrift store haul. I absolutely just about flipped my shit up on seeing the N64 out of the corner of my eye which was $12, and even moreso when I realized the RAM expansion was in there too. The Wii was the same price as the N64. Truly a Nintendo pilled day.


>N64 out of the corner of my eye which was $12
Not that it matters, we all know you have a trust fund


Honest to God question, how does Prox live? Dude's been neeting pretty much his entire life, yet he has two(?) houses that he keeps all his techjunk in. Considering he posts his Paypal on twitter saying "I have four bucks to my name" every other day, does he have a sugar daddy he's living with that gives him a weekly allowance or something? I really want to know Nick's secret, as I am also an autistic hobbyist with no valuable skills or social technique that can't just go down to the job store and say "give me job"


He's just got rich parents who baby him, his mom runs a piano school


This sounds like the plot of an anime and I'm jealous.


I found a free SNES with all the wires and a controller

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