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This is the board for discussing old and new hardware, software and everything in between.

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Retro tech soytuber you rage you lose thread. Starting off with this unholy specimen "cathoderaydude"

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modern morans finally figured out a way to make sonic 1 even easier to beat



holy shit that's lukas ekberg. i knew him in 2016 when he was a harmless touhou sperg from sweden, sad to see he trooned out


heh, I guess he's lucas ACKberg now, huh?



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I see this channel in my recommended videos quite often.
What's the verdict on this type of low-end hardware being a hobby here?
Is it purely for poorfags?

File: 1688967505733.png (8.45 KB, 679x359, elvis.png)


elvis is this vi clone that I like that hasn't been updated in years.
I once tried to port another vi clone, Stevie (for atari ST) that was actually the starting point for vim to Linux. But I gave up. Maybe I should try again.
(the source was distributed on bootstrapping shell scripts over BBS, funnily)
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This is linked on one of the ancient fanpages but 404s as I recall. To the artist's shame, I dug it up.


File: 1691519243760.png (260.8 KB, 1908x2005, Screenshot 2023-08-08 at 1….png)


Found a page for some Japanese BeOS software after I saw the window sitter in some old screenshots. Maybe someone should try this on Haiku?


File: 1691520327114.png (42.1 KB, 365x63, 2023-08-08-144230_365x63_s….png)

> Moe is a program to staying cuty mascot on active window. How about mind cooler for your desktop?
thats some good engrish


tmsu - https://tmsu.org/

Someday, I'll tag my images so I can find them easier while poasting.


This actually looks useful.

File: 1692421926530.png (1.15 MB, 1280x800, magiciantitters.png)


( ´_ゝ`)


File: 1692512427497.png (1.86 MB, 1920x1080, realmly high iq.png)

NOT bad i dont think id include patchy though


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Chuck E. Cheese is the best on the world



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It's been 5 years now as of today, RIP King Terry.


File: 1691804638471.png (840.12 KB, 600x900, Terry Davis cat.png)

I still remember how dumbfounded I felt when I read the news. I thought it was fake. My dear Terry was dead.
I don't think I ever mourned someone I never personally knew as much as I mourned him.
Your light will shine on.



5 years already… how time passes…
it just felt like 2 years ago honestly

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Post 'em


File: 1693008111811.jpg (47.47 KB, 852x635, Rate My Setup.jpg)


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Are tiling window managers still a meme?


Stacking wms rape my hand when im on my laptop


i never liked 'em but if you're on a laptop like >>156 i can get it

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Found anything interesting in the trash recently? Send it in here
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>N64 out of the corner of my eye which was $12
Not that it matters, we all know you have a trust fund


Honest to God question, how does Prox live? Dude's been neeting pretty much his entire life, yet he has two(?) houses that he keeps all his techjunk in. Considering he posts his Paypal on twitter saying "I have four bucks to my name" every other day, does he have a sugar daddy he's living with that gives him a weekly allowance or something? I really want to know Nick's secret, as I am also an autistic hobbyist with no valuable skills or social technique that can't just go down to the job store and say "give me job"


He's just got rich parents who baby him, his mom runs a piano school


This sounds like the plot of an anime and I'm jealous.


I found a free SNES with all the wires and a controller

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