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loser board


File: 1689120205196.png (222.49 KB, 350x436, You make me cackle.PNG)

Whatever Anprim, go back to your mudhut.



File: 1688964865418.png (98.64 KB, 1200x1636, Chicago.png)


What makes it so superior? Even squaresoft knew it.

File: 1688853411802.jpg (16.13 KB, 342x359, slack.jpg)


Install Slackware
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Isn't Slackware quite bloated with every package being included on an install by default?


you can pick and choose but by default everything is autoselected


File: 1688914410279.jpg (423.12 KB, 1434x1080, 144906066.jpg)

Installing right now


The majority of packages it includes are 20-30 year old programs that won't run on any other distro, so while excessive, it's good stuff and will never be more than can fit on a DVD. GTK1 will never die as long as Slack is around.


One of the best parts of Slackware is that batteries are included. I hate having to install every little program or library you'd expect to already be there.
>>19 'bloat' refers to the ratio of usefulness to girth, and most definitely isn't what Slackware is. Even historically 'bloated' programs like GNU Emacs contain a hundred more useful features per megabyte than something like Visual Studio.
>>36 Not necessarily true, most of the packages are libraries. But it does have a handful of cool old programs you might not see anywhere else.
Believe it or not Linux doesn't have to equate to sadomasochism, although many users still choose to engage in it (and happily).

File: 1688947531741.jpg (422.34 KB, 1600x1066, s-l1600.jpg)


I hope you're using audiophile-grade SATA cables (WITH THE audio rocks) for your music library


File: 1688947582103.jpg (393.52 KB, 1600x1200, sata.jpg)

my mp3s have never sounded this good


Nice poppy seeds

File: 1688853350700.png (148.71 KB, 1280x841, OpenBSD.png)


First for OpenBSD


OpenBSD recently gained support for ED25519 curves in LibreSSL. With the security of older encryption standards slowly brought into question it's nice to see them keep up and add support for new algorithms.

File: 1688854118321.png (394.54 KB, 385x407, cat1.png)


>tfw no seagate cheetahs in raid 0

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swagger technofueled techjunkies will understand the pain of not eating another gamerbar after UT2004 24hr streaksss. tell ur Xperiences in this brand spanking new topical


File: 1688854028348.jpg (33.3 KB, 600x450, really me.jpg)

can't help but agree my fellow technotrekker! nothing beats the epic win of a good trippple-A studio classic like peggel. and yeah, that's me. get mad? L.O.L

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