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File: 1689868078043.png (188.35 KB, 1024x768, desktop.png)


Desktop bread?

File: 1689859892869.jpg (121.17 KB, 1280x964, 887857573.jpg)


File: 1689829691506.png (82.78 KB, 764x538, 6a72af9797941.png)


What web APIs are you waiting to see adoption of TOP? For me its:


More academically, I'm not so interested in an "API" per se but the ability to execute a JavaScript program as a webpage itself, as if directly accessing a JS file was as if you loaded an HTML file with the equivalent of <script src="file.js" />, such that the rest of the webpage could be brought up through the DOM manpiulation APIs. It seems that what little HTML snippets that are still necessary are really like programs being written in 16-bit x86 today- which only exist because an x86 processor boots into 16-bit mode, or otherwise requires 16-bit mode to execute various legacy functionality- so you have a bootloader with the minimal 16-bit x86 program to enter the "real" 64-bit mode that the processor actually runs in.
Of course Webassembly could also do this, but it has no way of drawing to the screen. Natrually we can give it access to WASI, but it would need at least a DOM API (if the DOM plans to remain relevant into the future, and its questionable if this is even desireable), but more interestingly just the canvas APIs are sufficent I think. Not that the HTML required to ratchet into JS mode is signifigant, but the JS required to bring us up into a reasonable WASM execution environment can be rather large, even if current "toolchains" bloat it unncessarily.


>It seems that what little HTML snippets that are still necessary are really like programs being written in 16-bit x86 today
This is like comparing apples to oranges, most sites today will work just fine (or try to work) even with JS off, unless maybe you're talking about sites which use JS frameworks for the UI


Sure, in the same way that I can boot FreeDOS on a modern computer and run software in 16-bit mode. My broader point is that there's no mechanism to avoid the use of HTML or the DOM entirely. It's a useful analogy because it describes how a modern program must first bootstrap itself from earlier, more archaic compatiblity modes. You could conceptualize the process of loading a modern "website" as a form of this- loading in JS, and then WebAssembly…

Websites exist on a spectrum between static documents and fully opauqe executables. Websites are sometimes documents, but now many of them are really indistinguishable from native programs in scale and complexity, only by the restrictions of the sandbox they run in. If we consider a PWA that you "install" onto your computer, we can see that ChromeOS is much more like a consumer version of the AS/400- not really as locked down as it seems- just requiring a more restrictive sandbox than most operating systems, and forcing all programs to run through a JIT so that the CPU architecture can be freely changed out. (This is what Windows on ARM is missing)

File: 1688874658111.jpg (474.33 KB, 1613x1210, 856845634.jpg)


Post your anime collection


i would like to remind you that most american sitcoms would be better anime than the slop produced by dying studios in the rotting okayama. there's a reason they have more concurrent viewers. anywho, i'm off to make oatmeal and watch the SonicHogs Jamboree


I have Jojo parts 1&2 as well as Speed Racer on blu-ray in a box somewhere. Really I just miss that giant box of ovas that appeared in my house one day and disappeared some time later. I was always too scared of going through it because I think a lot of them were hentai.


File: 1689825945006.png (99.7 KB, 665x773, 1656105007169.png)

Scared of a little hentai?


>Pop in my neighbor totoro with friends
>first 45 minutes normal
>slam cuts to borth girls (I forget their names) getting slammed in the back of catbus by totoro and their dad

If I was schizophrenic like you I would have the heebeejeebees playing bootleg anime DVD's as well.


I was still afraid of cooties and my dad banned me from my brother's room just because I looked at the back of GTA4.

File: 1689824724062.jpg (20.34 KB, 141x200, 5j9e26-front-shortedge-384.jpg)


Are the UVa/LeetCode problems given as an exam in computer science courses? Asking to gauge whether or not I should go back to school.

File: 1689798586791.jpeg (1.95 MB, 2560x2580, IMG_1418.jpeg)




Wish i had one of these, my DS broke a while back and using a normal GBA is unbearable

File: 1689751286752.png (275.11 KB, 512x512, Mpv_logo_(official).png)


Post MPV confs
here's mine

sub-font="IBM Plex Serif"
Post too long. Click here to view the full text.

File: 1689636440564.png (290.92 KB, 551x299, bagabgagba.png)


thoughts on k8s? anyone a competent k8s admin?

File: 1689287748775.gif (528.54 KB, 240x180, a.gif)


Opinions on THE one and only Richard Matthew Stallman AKA Ricardo Stallmanu?


File: 1689288430424.png (677.73 KB, 490x633, slavery_as_in_oppressed.png)

I don't care if the software I'm running is FOSS.


Based sperg

File: 1689076761422.jpg (19.72 KB, 474x474, 3 buttons.jpg)


anybody else prefer to use the 3 button controller for early genesis games but the 6 button for later releases?


Depends as the 6 button is almost essential for stuff like Street Fighter whereas for things like Sonic it obviously is not, in my case it's not based on release era but what said game actually requires. That being said I've always found the 3 button controller to be one of the most comfortable controllers to hold and wished it had more buttons since the 6 button controller is weirdly small.


File: 1689145118843.png (116.83 KB, 1858x295, Sega Genesis.PNG)

The three buttons on one game controller represent the triune God of the biblical canon. First hinted at in the old testament, and made clear in the new testament. Pic is definitely related.


I prefer 3-button always. A controller should have a shape and fill at least some of your hand. It's a sturdy and practical controller that matches the system, and I just don't like to play anything that needs the 6-button anymore. The 6-button era is when Sega committed complete and total suicide and made really bad Mega Drive revisions too, so I don't like to think about it.


Always felt this, but could never put into words as the Genesis is the only console you can feel the presence of the Lord.

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