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I have a rather love-hate relationship with the 4chan board esfores..
On the one hand, it's given me a few good laughs before and is generally more relaxed than most 4cunt boards, but on the other hand, it's a breeding ground for literal discorder pedophile groomers, which always agitates me to see.
Trips being disabled helps suppress this kind of behavior a LITTLE bit, but still


File: 1690019770463.png (82.85 KB, 978x417, 2023-07-22-055546_978x417_….png)

There's this one faggot named Chaotic who's a tranny heroin addict in his thirties whos been a compulsive 4tran user for years. He spends all day blogposting in his own threads. His posting style is beyond cringy, he has described himself as "the angel of s4s" but will tell you to kys the second you call out any of his bullshit (like posting a bitcoin wallet so that his few and far in between dick riders can send him monetary donations for his retarded shitposting), I suppose that's behavior befitting of a sweet lil' angel, no?
On top of this, Chaotic loves to sperg about his "Abusers". Who are his abusers, you may ask? That's a good question! Anybody who even mildly disagrees with him in the moment is LE EBIL ABUSER NORMALFAG (The use of "normalfag" is funny here, it shows how he views having friends and a happy, regular life as something deserving of scorn) and he'll shut you down instantly with discord pings and samefags.
https://archive.4plebs.org/s4s/search/text/abuser/ He uses this cope so often, that it's not even funny.
It really gets bad when it sinks in that he's 30, and that his heroin-addled brain has been making these posts FOR YEARS.


File: 1690033190814.png (328.57 KB, 681x534, 99072346234.png)

I hated when certain memes from the board got popular, because the whole point of esfores was to make fun of the concept of "memes" and just make funny random photoshoops like it was 2003 again.
It all started when le smelly monkey meme got popular, and then [s4s] started being recommended to aesthetic blog tumblrinas, being shilled with the phrase "its 4chan without the slurs, and anime pictures!!!!". berry pink also got insanely popular on twitter, and certain "artists" like pantsuripper originated from the drawthreads on the board, started mirroring the shit they would post on twitter, until it gained traction with social media freakshows.
Pic related is basically twitter trannies appropriating chan culture, and [s4s] in its current state is nothing but another /bant/ or /int/ clone, where boring ass college kids blogpost about popping pills or getting hookups off grindr.


but they are one


File: 1690269698510.jpg (662.06 KB, 1080x1556, Screenshot_20210731-014448….jpg)

I fucking hate the aiu404l/snale "Y2K-ish anime girls complaining" trend, it's whiny and revisionist and fake, and it drenches its own obvious uncreativity in "irony". Total zoomer death.


I've been thinking about this post for two weeks now and it really makes me sad for what was lost. [s4s] funposting is about the only thing I found appealing about modern 4cuck–it was the only board dynamic enough that one would actually want to check it every day for what new content people brought forth–in contrast to the same threads day in and day out on /g/ and /x/ and such. That it's been steamrolled by fags now is highly disappointing.

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