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Amy Rose thread

Post Amy.
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God i love chuck he is my savior praise chuck e cheese he will lead us to the promised land away from the wrong timeline we are down now
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sexy asian girls

sexy asian girls
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Toys thread

Do you have any toys?

I keep an abacus around. Just got a new one in the mail today – it's higher quality than my old one (though less cute) and even has a reset button!
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I have a rather love-hate relationship with the 4chan board esfores..
On the one hand, it's given me a few good laughs before and is generally more relaxed than most 4cunt boards, but on the other hand, it's a breeding ground for literal discorder pedophile groomers, which always agitates me to see.
Trips being disabled helps suppress this kind of behavior a LITTLE bit, but still
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The "forced soul" question.

what's your opinion on the "forced soul" dismissal being hurled at us and zoomers in general?
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Hyperlinks of TOP Quality

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When did you realize it was flat?
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Based Animal Thread

This thread is for all our based animal homies.

Only pics and videos of cool and based animals.
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su -c 'apt autoremove && apt update && apt upgrade'
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I hate what groomers are doing to the community, vid related is Sam Hyde, an a-gendered individual who once lived comfortably in their own body.


Those were better times. Since then Sam has been groomed and sexualized and now feels forced to be different to feel validated by their groomers. Pic below are Sam's groomers.
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Webcore thread

sorry guyes… but ur goin BACK 2 2009 >w<
*breakcore starts playing*
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Just deleted all of my 4cuck bookmarks after getting a 30day for replying to a thread with a cobson, i am so fucking sick of tranitors
Worst part is that it's probably one specific tranny mod with a vendetta against cobbies, this is my second 30day for cobson posting
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Trans people lost. NIGGERS lost. White people 1. Pic related, its the domain colouring of sin(1/z)
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>I am forgotten
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North Korea launches an ICBM over japan, splashes down
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What is your favourite Dogisaga art/comic?
I've only taken a look recently but I thought this one is neat. Otherwise I just quite like the 4 panel ones with the rabbits.
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I HATE THE FUCKING SUBIE GET IT AWAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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I fricking thought it was a math website
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TXR2 discussion thread(I guess????)

What do you retards think of my subie??????????
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