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Tamers12345 Appreciation Thread. Post his greatest content.







go shove your ironic sonic bubblebutt tts voice autism up your cheesehole, faggot


no u


no u times two


it is good sonic bubblebutt tts autism however


but it aint real autism doe, its just fake cringe for clicks, like tails got trolled (although that one's more acceptable)


The amount of effort he put in over so many years for not that many views/subscribers makes me thing otherwise. He's clearly self aware but also genuine to at least some extent.


>not that many views/subscribers
He has a pretty big fanbase, and almost 200 people supporting him on paypigreon.
>But he puts in effort!!1
There are so many unironic autists that contribute nothing to society, that have been making weird convoluted fanfics for decades, with no intent on stopping, but no one cares about those guys.

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