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Nintendo 64 Thread

What are your favorite N64 titles?
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"BIMMY" Thread

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Tamers12345 Appreciation Thread

Tamers12345 Appreciation Thread. Post his greatest content.
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Hypnospace Outlaw

Zoomers really think this is what Windows 95 looked like? And they also think this "game" devoid of real gameplay is some sort of masterpiece?
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vhs collection

share your vhs (tapes) collection in this thread friends
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>Yep, I'm something of a retro game collector myself, you could say! Hehe.
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davey divers

Now the dust has settled, organic or forced soul?
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ITT movies men will never understand

I will start
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>Go to sleep, clean your room
>Hmmm why are you telling me what to do
>Pika Pika It's Nighty Night Nap Time!
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What MIDI soundfont do you usually use? I've recently discovered this one ( https://youtu.be/9eabyjYh4cc ) and it might be my new favourite. Also discuss anything about MIDI.
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"DREAMCAST" thread

This is how we enter the SONIC world
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honestly mario is a video game classic because it saved the video game intustry from games such as E.T. and Pac-Man atari 2600. not to mention he is a gaming icon
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ITT characters that are literally you

I'll start
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What the fuck did he do?
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fnf was a good game
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3x3 Thread

Any 3x3s in general
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Any of you ever try/have thoughts on Otogi? Despite it being made by From Software almost nobody talks about it.
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Rock around the croc!
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Are you a bad enough dude to IDENTIFY THESE SONGS??

>This was uploaded to battleofthebits.org by a user named "takarajima", also known as 9-ball, lanzhing and maybe other pseudonyms, a known serial music plagiarist. As such the origin of the song is unknown, so if you recognise it, let me know in the comments.
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Welcome to /avm/

Welcome to /avm/; this board encompasses all sorts of media including but not limited to video games, music, television, radio, literature, and anything you can play, watch, listen to, or read.